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Chiropractic excellence, focused on the family.

Meet Dr. Felix and Dr. Maria

As Northern Virginia’s most trusted family chiropractic practice, Dr. Felix and Dr. Maria work in harmony to identify physiological and neurological malfunctions and provide the tried and trusted processes necessary to ensure fast, sustainable results.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Dr. Felix began his career as a personal trainer, though his passion for chiropractic took root during a tenure as assistant to a chiropractic doctor. This holistic approach to pain relief and better living inspired him to become a licensed massage therapist before finally attending and graduating from one of the nation’s most prestigious chiropractic colleges. 

  • Attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Studied sports medicine and biomechanics
  • Worked with various sports teams treating a wide range of sports-related injuries
  • Launched his private practice in 2005; relocated to current family-centered practice in 2012


  • Quote

“It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself.”

  • Core Values

“Dr. Maria and I, like every married couple, debate many subjects. But, this is what we agree on entirely: family togetherness; professional integrity; meaningful companionship; tolerance of everyone’s differences.”

  • My Happy Place

“I love sports. Especially hockey! Spending time with my family at games and making an outing of it… good food, big-match excitement, rooting for the same team — what could possibly be better?”

Hailing originally from central Missouri, Dr. Maria spent years suffering from headaches before discovering chiropractic for herself. Amazed at the relief she was given, it wasn’t too long before she dedicated her life and career to providing the same quality of treatment from which she benefitted. As a mother of six, Dr. Maria especially understands the positive effects chiropractic can have during pregnancy, and how beneficial it can be to her child clientele. 

  • Attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Studied soft tissue, pediatrics, pregnancy, and internal medicine
  • Passionately believes that improved diet, flexibility, and proper spinal alignment eliminates unnecessary suffering
  • Her treatments focus on harnessing natural energy chemistry with the goal of helping patients live a long and happy life
  • Quote

“It doesn’t have to taste horrible to be healthy!” 

  • Core Values

“In the office, at home, or out in the community, it’s the same: Family togetherness. Professional integrity. Meaningful companionship. Tolerance of everyone’s differences.”

  • My Happy Places

“Family time with my husband and kids is at the top of the list. Though, I get such gratification in my community work: especially when I connect with my patients out of the office, to help them consolidate the counseling provided in the office.”

Chiropractic isn’t designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to help you instantly heal better”

Excellent customer service, very clean facility and after one visit I already feel 80% better!

Olivia Curtis

The Doctors were awesome and super professionals!!! The place is very well structured and neat. Me, my wife and kids are getting treated. We love it!!! Highly recommend them.

John's family

Dr. Felix is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever had, and I’ve gone to MANY different chiropractors in my lifetime. He combines state of the art tech and up-to date science with a traditional approach to treating patients.

Edrees Feda

It’s not easy to find a chiropractor you can trust like Doctor Felix. He’s knowledgeable and has delivered results for myself and friends I’ve recommended him to without fail.

Will T

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Chiropractic Family: Dr.Felix & Dr.Maria
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